I have come to return all glory to God for His awesome acts in my life. I joined this church in February 2017 and today my life has turned around. Before I joined this church my life was upside down, I thought it was all over for me as nothing was working. But the teaching from God’s servant kept building hope and confidence in me to believe that God will change my story. In April, I applied to one of the Asian countries embassy, and to my greatest amazement, I was given a visa. God began to raise helps for me financially. Today, I am standing before you to testify that God is here. I only joined this church six months ago and I am travelling next week. To God alone be all the glory for turning my empty life to a wonder today. I am very grateful. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Bro. Johnson O.
Our God is Faithful and Mighty. Last year I wrote a very crucial and difficult examination conducted by the West African College of Surgeons which was to qualify me as a consultant in the medical practice. I had written the examination before but was unable to scale through. However, I did not allow my past experience to deter me from giving it another trial. Prior to the examination, I went to see the servant of God who prayed with me and encouraged me with a promise that I shall come out victorious this time around. I went into the exam hall with that same confidence that God has granted me success. When the result was released, my performance exceeded every of my expectations. All glory be to God, I am now a qualified medical consultant.
Dr. Nkechi
I give God all the praise for His faithfulness over my life and family. I want to exalt the name of the Lord for the uncommon favour I received recently at my place of work. There were certain benefits which under normal circumstances I was not supposed to receive, but by the virtue of God’s grace I become qualified and got all the benefits. I return all the glory to God for my new level.
Sis. Blessing
I brought my daughter to LUTH, after she took ill. The doctor after examining her said she has a heart problem. They asked us to do several tests and scans. My wife and I were confused on what to do. On Sunday morning I asked some people if there was a church close by where I can attend the Sunday service and I was directed to this church. The service was specially arranged for me. After the service, God’s Servant prayed for my daughter. On getting back to the ward, my daughter responded to my greetings after three days! After the prayer, she became perfectly okay and was discharged two days later, I give God all the glory.
Bro. Gbenga O.
I give God all the glory For His mighty works in my family and for healing my daughter. My daughter has been sick since I gave birth to her. It is either one sickness today or the other. I was on my way from the hospital when I met a woman and asked if she could direct me to any other hospital or anyone whom could help me because my daughter’s health was deteriorating. She told me she will like me to see her Pastor. On seeing Pastor Richard, he began to tell me so many things about my life and they were all true. I don’t know him before, if he was an Igbo man, I would have said someone that knew me came to tell him my story. He then laid hands on my daughter and anointed her with the anointing oil. Instantly, my daughter said she wanted to eat. That was the first time she would cry for food after two months. Brothers and sisters God is here. I give God all the glory for what He has done for me.
Sis. Ify A.
A few weeks ago, I noticed a strange swelling on my finger. I thought it was a common boil but when I punctured it, nothing came out. Later I noticed there was something inside the swelling like a tiny stone. In one of the Sunday services, the head pastor instructed us to apply anointing oil on any part of our body where we experience pain and weakness, I obeyed and applied the oil on my finger. Two days later, the tiny stone miraculously came out and the swelling is gone. I give God all the glory.
Sis. Joy
With great joy in my heart, I want to give God all the praise for He alone is worthy to receive the honor. The Lord manifested Himself in my life and family. First I want to thank God for the safe delivery of my second child; secondly, I want to bless the name of the Lord for a big victory and miracle: I resigned from my place of work to start my own company. God has blessed my company with many contracts. My company is already experiencing unusual favour and I have started employing workers. To God alone be all the glory…
Bro. Tony. A.
I have been having series of pains around my chest region for sometime now. I have tried various medications to ease the pain but they all proved to be in vain. However, during one of the Sunday Services, God’s servant prophesied concerning my case, and I held on to that word. That same week, God visited me in an awesome way and healed me completely. I return all the glory to him for his miraculous intervention. May His Name be praised….
Dr. N. Isitor
The Lord has been so good to my family and I in the past years. In 2009, after I went for my introduction, I came back to receive the terrible news that I have been relieved of my job (Sacked). After that, I submitted applications everywhere and did one trade or another, but no fruitful reward came out from them. One day, God’s Servant, told me to go into construction. At first, I doubted the possibility of construction work, but I later obeyed and went into it. Since then, it has been from one breakthrough to another. I bought two cars within one year and God has provided for all my family’s needs and many other blessings too numerous to count. I give God all the glory.
Bro. Yemi A.
I bless the name of the Lord with all my heart as I testify to His goodness in my life. I want to first of all thank God for ordering my steps to King Jesus Victorious Church. This ministry has been a source of great blessings to me and my entire family. May the Lord continue to uphold His Servant, the senior pastor of this commission! My family and I will be moving into our own house. I bless the Lord for His divine provisions that enabled us complete the house on time. I also want to appreciate the Lord for a successful retirement and for my entitlement which has been paid in full. I give God all the praise for His awesome works in my life
Mrs. I. IJabor.
I want to testify to the glory of God for the great miracle that He has done. Exactly two years ago when I finished my program in school of nursing, LUTH. I applied for immigrant visa to the United States of America. Since then I had neither heard nor seen anything from the embassy, but I keep praying about it. I informed the man of God concerning my request. Finally, in April 2014, I received a call from the embassy asking me to come over for an interview on 7th of May. Through God’s intervention, the interview was a total success; the Lord granted me divine wisdom to answer all the questions correctly and my visa was not only granted, I am now a citizen of the United States of America. To God alone be all the glory.
Bro. Jonathan A
I am grateful to God for honoring me with a new job. I left my former employer in May, 2014 due to some reasons. Since then, I had prayed and fasted severally for God to do something new in my life. The Pastor prayed with me and encouraged me. Not long afterwards, the Lord opened a new door for me and gave me a far better job than the previous one. May the name of the Lord be exalted.
Dec. Emeka