We invite you to be a part of the KJVC experience in our weekly services. It is an amazing experience you will live to remember.

It is a great delight having you in our midst. God Bless you.


I am sending you to liberate the minds of my people, for the minds of my people are darkened, oppressed and chained and I am asking you to go forth to these same people by my spirit. You will carry out this task by seeking my face and I will show my face to the people. Leave the people with me; I will do it.

Mission Statement

As a church we lead people to Christ, we inspire their minds through positive change and succeed by dominating our community through the light of the Word we preach. Matthew 28:19-20.

Breakthrough Service

Sunday 8:30am

Mid-week Service

Thursday 6:30pm

Partner With Our Ministry

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly or of necessity for God loveth a cheerful giver.


I have come to return all glory to God for His awesome acts in my life. I joined this church in February 2017 and today my life has turned around. Before I joined this church my life was upside down, I thought it was all over for me as nothing was working. But the teaching from God’s servant kept building hope and confidence in me to believe that God will change my story. In April, I applied to one of the Asian countries embassy, and to my greatest amazement, I was given a visa. God began to raise helps for me financially. Today, I am standing before you to testify that God is here. I only joined this church six months ago and I am travelling next week. To God alone be all the glory for turning my empty life to a wonder today. I am very grateful. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Bro. Johnson O.
Our God is Faithful and Mighty. Last year I wrote a very crucial and difficult examination conducted by the West African College of Surgeons which was to qualify me as a consultant in the medical practice. I had written the examination before but was unable to scale through. However, I did not allow my past experience to deter me from giving it another trial. Prior to the examination, I went to see the servant of God who prayed with me and encouraged me with a promise that I shall come out victorious this time around. I went into the exam hall with that same confidence that God has granted me success. When the result was released, my performance exceeded every of my expectations. All glory be to God, I am now a qualified medical consultant.
. Dr. Nkechi
I give God all the praise for His faithfulness over my life and family. I want to exalt the name of the Lord for the uncommon favour I received recently at my place of work. There were certain benefits which under normal circumstances I was not supposed to receive, but by the virtue of God’s grace I become qualified and got all the benefits. I return all the glory to God for my new level.
Sis. Blessing